Luhansk region has become a resort area!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Luhansk region has become a resort area!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineMoneybags come to watch...Foreigners pay for holiday villages in Luhansk 15 Euro per dayMoneybags come to observe local rybakami.Mass tourism in the Luhansk region – a phenomenon not achievable. However, there are more entrepreneurs interested in the development of this direction.The businessmen believe that without the support of the authorities to effectively develop tourism in the area impossible.One of the promising phenomena of tourism development in Lugansk region is rural green tourism. And estates are already taking tourists. For example, in Belovodskoye the area visited the family of Muscovites came canadian. In the estate under the Happiness of the Vietnamese lived. According to the Chairman of Lugansk regional Association of the Union for promotion of rural green tourism Alexander Panteleyev, now in the Luhansk region there are about 10 houses, which are ready to accept tourists. Each estate has its "advertising" name, for example: "Dim, okutani in APL", "Dream fishing" and pricee.Area residents interested in this kind of business. Thus, their estates for tourists offer 20 people. However, it is still necessary to examine, make a decision about their suitability/unsuitability for tourists.According to Alexander Panteleyev, the average cost of one day in a rural estate with humans is about 15 euros. Although in order to develop, to improve the estate, you need a large sum.Some of the older owners who are not accustomed to capitalist ways of life, ready to take "guests" and for less money. "There was a case when asked grandma: "how much you want to have your people lived?" She said, "Well, if they feed sche , dumplings with cherries, 5 hryvnias", - told Alexander Panteleev.Alexander Panteleev considers that rural tourism in the Luhansk region need the support of government. He sees possible support to the state administration in lending "estates" on the program "own house". As a successful example of cooperation between government and entrepreneurs Alexander led Kharkiv region – where the regional Council has established a municipal enterprise for the development of rural green tourism and Finance it from the budget.Moreover, "on the side" area – comparative cheapness of the holiday and its novelty. Resident Belovodsk district, who took last year a family from Borispol, advertises its services by the words of the son of vacationing (wealthier people): "I don't want to go to Paris. Want horses to ride on to look at Baibakov. What I – the tower is not seen?"".

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