Ukrainian real estate has frozen - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Ukrainian real estate has frozen - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineProperty prices in Ukraine had been so outrageous heights that in 2007 Kiev took fourth place in the annual ranking of countries with the biggest growth in the property market. Only from January to March, prices in Kiev grew from $2860 to $3028 per sq mLeader by the growth of real estate prices was Poland, where the cost per square meter in new buildings of Warsaw for the year increased more than twice. Average cost per sq. m. there is 1636 euros. Ukraine in the ranking in fourth place.The experts state that the number of transactions decreases sharply - not only because of the high cost, but also due to the tightening of conditions for issuance of Bank loans.Compared with January, the share of purchases of apartments purchased on credit, in March decreased by 23%. According to the Ukrainian business daily newspaper "Economic news" in January the share of transactions involving mortgage lending was 62%, and in March was 39%. But this does not in any way due to the fact that Ukrainian banks are closer to European or American standards, when payment on the loan should not exceed a third of the total income of the borrower. Until recently in Kiev without any problems you can get a loan of 50 thousand dollars, providing proof of income $ 200. Economic experts explain this with the fact that Ukrainian banks, in the two previous years borrowed money abroad, are now forced them to return. That is, using an economic term, we can say that "cheap money", which the Ukrainian banks were allowed to consumer and mortgage lending, has ended. And if another two or three years ago, the body of the loans were painted in 15-20 years, but now maximum of 10, preferably by five.In addition, after several scandals in the primary housing market, when questionable developers raised money, and then either "disappeared" or were insolvent, banks have become more reluctant to issue loans for the purchase of apartments in the primary market. Banks give out such loans are, as a rule, only in cases when they themselves monitor the construction progress and lend to developers.Analysts of the company "Kiev dwelling-invest" note that in the next couple of months the price reduction, even in the case of the strengthening of the dollar, is unlikely. Most likely, the current prices established in the market for a long period - from 6 to 12 months.And, characteristically, high housing prices in the capital, gradually begin to "pull" myself and the regions. According to the Rating of regions of Ukraine, who in December 2007, published in the magazine "Expert-Ukraine", in second place after Kiev Odessa is (1820 dollars per 1 square meter). In Dnepropetrovsk the cost of 1 square meter - $ 1340). In Sevastopol 1 square meter is estimated at $ 1275, in Kharkov - 1170 dollars per 1 square meter of real estate. Average cost of 1 sq. m in Lviv - 1100 dollars, in Donetsk - $ 865. The cheapest apartments were in Kirovograd.

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