In the hope MORTGAGE MIRACLE! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

In the hope MORTGAGE MIRACLE! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineBuilders and developers bolder speak about the crisis in the primary real estate market. But they still...The crisis in the primary real estate marketBuilders and developers bolder speak about the crisis in the primary real estate market. However, they still continue to hope for a miracle on the resumption of mortgage lending and reduce the cost of loans. The customers especially no hope: prices are slightly falling, loans but banks do not give.Alas, the long-awaited autumn, with the beginning which experts optimists expected renewed demand for property that did not meet their expectations. Quite the contrary, the ongoing global financial crisis began to affect Ukraine. Developers, deprived and credit of the funds and of investors ' money, began to cut prices for apartments. And if the lending will not resume, cities will have more "houses-ghosts", to complete which the company is unable because of lack of Finance.And some developers will not go into oblivion. Major builders, of course, hope that their weak colleagues will be absorbed by foreign or domestic companies. And houses, the construction of which began "absorbed", will be completed to the delight of invest in the construction of investors ' money."Construction companies in Ukraine are not able to get loans since February of this year, and if you will not enter the market, foreign investors, construction will come a crisis," predicts Milan Pajevic, Vice-President of the Ukrainian construction Association (UCA).However, to say that foreigners are so much interested to invest in Ukraine, now is not necessary. One of the representatives of these foreigners - Russian "Mirax group" - a year previously froze still not started projects in Ukraine. They say when people have no money and the market is panic, a new apartment no one buys. Therefore, according to the Chairman of the Board of "Mirax group" Maxim Privezentsev, new projects should be postponed until better times. The company has built a 46-storey building in Kiev on the street Hlybochytska. And, according to experts of the company, given that the market in Ukraine, the construction of the facility is suspended somewhere for a year.Examples of what companies lack the money, there are lots. On many construction sites, the pace of construction is not so active as in the beginning of the year, when work was in full swing even at night. For example, HC "Kyivmiskbud" for the first eight months of 2008 reduced the volume of housing construction by 2.6% compared to the same period last year.Who will survive?All market experts are configured identically - will survive only large companies. According to Andrew Mirgorod, a member of the Board of Directors of the development company "XXI century", the hardest will be fine. "Great, of course, also shake, but they still fulfill their obligations," said Mirgorod.Head of research and marketing consulting company "Ukrainian trade Guild" Yaroslav Ivanov believes that the probability of leaving from the market of several small companies great. "For their money, no one is building", he explained. According to Mr. Ivanov, in terms of expensive credit, issued, besides, not all, and also taking into account the reduction in effective demand, will survive, those who can afford longer than usual to sell built area, or those who enjoys good reputation from the banks. He also suggests that the country may be protracted and will increase the number of defrauded investors: "It is possible during the withdrawal from the market of small and unreliable construction companies. It is possible that they will withdraw from ongoing projects". Ivanov has confirmed the forecast Maxim Privezentsev: a large and reliable construction company will complete its ongoing objects, but with the development of new can change them later.Prices in KievPerhaps the most strongly felt the crisis in Kiev. As Andrew Mirgorod, the amount of leased square meters of housing this year will amount to 500 thousand, which is almost three times less than planned. Recall, according to the state statistics Committee, in 2007, in the capital was put into operation 1.4 million m2 of housing.In the opinion of Mirgorod, the contraction in construction - direct confirmation that the market is not in the best condition. "The crisis is there and cannot be ignored," he said.The lack of demand has led to a drop in the price of housing under construction. According to various sources, in the capital on objects of economy class and business class prices reduced by 10-15%. All interrogated "Money" analysts of the real estate market is noted that the primary real estate in the capital began to fall. For example, according to the construction and investment company "Kyiv Housing-invest, most obviously the prices will says that in August "primary" on average fell by 1.3%. And the apartment in only for sale houses has already been proposed is 10% cheaper than the average cost.According to the portal, primary housing in Kyiv in September fell 0.5%, while YTD growth of prices amounted to 11.5%. By the way, according to the state statistics Committee, the inflation rate for seven months in 2008 was 14.9%. It turns out that housing prices have really lagged behind inflation.In spite of this, a square meter from developers in Kiev on the last day of September, the average cost is $2867 (according to the portal "Property"). In General, not all rushed to lower prices. According to Mr. Pajevic, it will make those who really need to sell the apartments. Those who sell items not in a hurry, are unlikely to concede. Artur Mkhitaryan, President of the Corporation "poznyakizilstroi", I am sure that, most likely, the price decrease will be smaller companies that are experiencing financial difficulties. Moreover, according to Mr. Mkhitaryan, all the talk about the crisis in the market is not that other, as "the hysteria" with the help of the media.?The prices in the regionsIn Kharkov about the falling prices of "primary" started talking for the first time in July this year. According to the company "macrocap development Ukraine (MCDU), the real estate economy in July fell 3.3%, to $1250 per 1 m2, but the elite, on the contrary, became more expensive by almost 7% - "square" rose to $3200. Industry experts believe the decline in the price of Kharkiv "primary" temporary, even though in August and it is not more expensive. The average cost of housing economy class in the last month of summer remained at the same level - $1250 per 1 m2. But flat business class fell to $1800 per 1 m2. The average cost of one-bedroom apartments in the primary market of Kharkov remained virtually unchanged from July at $1590 per 1 m2.Also virtually unchanged prices on the primary real estate in other cities. For example, the cost of new housing in Odessa in September, as in August, was at least $900 per 1 m2. In Donetsk - $1776 per "square".What to expect?Builders, as usual, prefer to talk about the upcoming price increases, and not about their collapse. However, with some "buts". For example, according to Sergey Golub, head of the analytical Department of the consulting company "Kansas" greatly decreased the demand for houses under construction.

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