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The consumer shifted to a ready housing. "Those homes that will remain unfinished, prices will certainly fall. If the objects are completed, then I doubt the prices will decrease. Well, except that 5% during the new year sales," said Golub.And as already stated the General Director of investment and development company "the Cascade" Anatoly Shakhnovsky, most likely, the price reduction will affect only the objects of economy class and business class. According to him, there are already companies that are the objects of economy class offer discounts up to 10%. "If it continues it will be difficult to obtain a mortgage loan, then the discount will increase to 20% or more," suggests the Shakhnovsky. Mirgorod is confident that now do not panic, as though on the market and the crisis, however, it will not be prolonged and the situation stabilizes. And this requires a little - resumption of Bank lending to both builders and the General public.But banks are not so optimistic. Director of the Ukrainian national mortgage Association Alexander Pylypets notes that the end of the year the mortgage market will grow by only 40%, while last year the figure stood at 110%. According to Pylypets, the decrease in the volume of mortgage lending will be reflected, primarily, in the primary market of real estate, because due to the inability to obtain credit, the developers can only rely on the money of the buyers. "In turn, support several construction projects with the help of borrowers could lead to problems of builders who are at risk of not completing construction of objects", - said Pylypets.What if all of a sudden...Probably the most burning question: what if the developer who purchased housing, stopped working? Yourself to do something in this situation is difficult, we will have to rely on "good people" - companies wishing to buy and build objects unlucky colleagues, and the state.Perhaps buyers of companies that may not meet their obligations will be legally protected. The city Council has decided to appeal to President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko with the request to provide a legislative solution to the problems of investors affected by the activities of construction companies.While the final mechanism for the protection of investors and not invented. However, it is unknown and when the country's leadership will be distracted from the problems of the parliamentary coalition and to consider the proposal of the city Council. Themselves Kiev officials also still not considered the question of the legal mechanism of compensation for damages to victims of the Elita-Center". Now in nature there are two projects: one of Kyiv city administration, another government Commission. Among the documents there are differences, particularly in determining who will repair the damage.According to the Deputy of the Kyiv city administration Vladimir Golovach, project KCSA provides that the Kiev government to present to the state a claim for damages caused to investors. And be compensated to the detriment of the needs of the state and not by the territorial authority.

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